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Si Cheng Lighting granted to China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association

Date:2017/8/28 source:Sicheng Stagelight

Guangzhou Si-cheng lighting audio Technology Co., Ltd. in March 9, 2017 was awarded the Chinese performing arts technology association members, the honor of the continuous improvement of my companys corporate image a deeper level of upgrading,

Because every thought of the hard work of adults, only today into a bright future lighting! For now we need to continue to enhance the companys image, to speed up the pace of development, so that enterprises and new and old customers to further development, for a better future!

Si Cheng Lighting granted to China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association

China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association was established in 1991, is the Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Culture, with social groups legal personality of the national social organization, the Chinese performing arts equipment industry has an authoritative representative organization,
Led the coordination of the national performing arts equipment industry, the development of economic and technological. The Ministry of Civil Affairs organized by the Chinese social organization assessment level, I won the highest level of association - "5A" level of national trade association honor.
Under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the Three Represents, according to the scientific development concept and the requirement of building a harmonious society, the Chinese Association of Performing Arts and Equipment in the new period,
Pragmatic, reform and innovation, in the whole industry in the implementation of science and technology, standardization, standardization strategy; implementation of product brand strategy; lead the industry from large to strong development, the performing arts equipment industry in Chinas modernization drive a vibrant and vibrant industry The